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Hey!  Moonlighting will now update at http://emilywernet.com/comics
It has an RSS feed so all convenience is included!  I hope you keep reading!

no no no no NOOOO

Okay, so, new site's not up yet.  Sorry I didn't post last week just to not have my ultimate solution this week.  It'll definitely be up before MoCCA (or else my business cards will be all wrong).  I'm going to be printing things Thursday and hopefully I'll even get up an etsy before the festival.  I'm excited, I think this is going to be a big year for Moonlighting.

 Photobucket seems to be taking down my pages left and right, so since my site is going to be done around Wednesday (if all goes well) I'm going to skip this week.  sorry guys.   Wish me luck.

Brandi Wears Clothes?
Brandi and Billy are out of their element in the fancy dress store.  It looks like they had to drive by some farms or something to get there.  That first image is what's on my new business card.  You can grab one to tack to your wall if you come to MoCCA.  I'm also planning on having some other cool stuff (that won't be free).  Updates on that later, hopefully.  Also hopefully: I'm trying to get my more official website up by MoCCA (since it's what's on my card).

Edit: Please let me know if Photobucket takes this down again so I can put it back up.  I don't know why they took it down, the only reason I could think of was the language at the end, and their policy doesn't say anything about saying "fuck" too many times.  They can suck it.

Fuckin' Zip It
 Moonlighting grinning man superhero comic montauk monster
I'm really pleased with how much more vibrant the red orange seems with the watercolor than when I was doing it digitally.  I realized whenI was doing this that we never got a good look at the Grinning Man in the first issue and I didn't even have colors officially picked out for him. I'm really happy with every page I've done so far, though.  Things are getting pretty intense with whether or not I'll have the comic finished in time for MoCCA so keep your fingers crossed!!

lower case
Shit's about to go down!  Can you believe it?  I'm actually developing Billy's character beyond shown experiences.  What kind of weird accent does the Grinning Man talk with?  And talk about boundaries!  Sniffing hair is so 1999.
I'm pretty excited that the issue is starting to roll.  I'm pumpin' out pages at an unbelievable (to myself) rate still, and I'm excited to show you guys.  I'm getting some business cards printed soon, so I'll show you myself swimming in them when they come. 

Your Dad's Sister's Kid
So, second issue we're going to get into plot a bit more.  Juuust a heads up.  If I ever start another band I will name it "Yer Dad's Sister's Kid. "Also, look at four year old Billy playing in a plastic pool in that photo.  Awwww.  That kitchen's gross, though.


I'm drawin' up a storm!
We've got more familiar faces.  What will the Grinning man stir up this time?  Also, better scans (kind of).  I'm still having trouble for printing purposes, but that's my problem, not yours.  I'm also having trouble getting files off my old external (an ipod with a broken headphone jack) so hopefully I'll be able to get more copies of the first book, too.  If anyone knows a good program (senuti and ephpod only do songs, not the hard drive) that can get files off this thing without reformatting it (mac to pc) let me know.

Back in Business!!
Back in Business 
This scan is a little better, but I need to whine, because I couldn't get a print quality scan (which I will need later for MoCCA).  Anyway We're back in the saddle!  Let me know if you like the new coloring.  I had a lot of fun with the watercolor in Neil's story, so I wanted to continue with it.  I'm keeping the limited palate, though.  I just think it goes so nicely with the duality in the story.  Speaking of Neil, we've got our friends hiding in the background.  I think the sloppy make outs are my favorite part of today's page, though.
In other news: I started a fake gossip blog with some other people in_poor_taist.livejournal.com/  It's pretty funny if I say so myself. 

Hourly comic day
This is an official apology to all of you that I missed hourly comic day this year.  I didn't even play video games all day this time, either!  I may cheat and do it tomorrow, but I just wanted to say I am terribly sorry.  I will draw silly cat pictures for you to make up for it.