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Scrch Scrch
 Gonna be a Cop.
I hope your monitor sucks, because these are barely the colors I did.  Pretend you can tell Neil is white knuckling, and that the black background is solid.  Enough whining.  I realized when I drew this (since I mentioned it is a true story) that when I was told "and then the cop put the joint out on the hood of ____'s car" it was a lot more exciting than drawing it.
Anyway, next week we get back to Moonlighting (if all goes well).  Get ready for minimum color again!  The way things are going I probably will not have copies of issue 2 at MoCCA, but people at my job said they'd help make the minis, so if I get the pages done, get your money ready!  I also am thinking of investing in a button maker, so get your backpacks, messenger bags, hats, whatever ready for that too.  I uh... I really have nothing more to say.  Wish me luck.


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