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Brandi Wears Clothes?
Brandi and Billy are out of their element in the fancy dress store.  It looks like they had to drive by some farms or something to get there.  That first image is what's on my new business card.  You can grab one to tack to your wall if you come to MoCCA.  I'm also planning on having some other cool stuff (that won't be free).  Updates on that later, hopefully.  Also hopefully: I'm trying to get my more official website up by MoCCA (since it's what's on my card).

Edit: Please let me know if Photobucket takes this down again so I can put it back up.  I don't know why they took it down, the only reason I could think of was the language at the end, and their policy doesn't say anything about saying "fuck" too many times.  They can suck it.

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